After the Berlin attack: WEISSER RING registers a high willingness to donate and many signs of great sympathy

Help for the Berlin Christmas market attack victims and their families – many reacted to the appeal and made donations to WEISER RING in Berlin. The donation amount varies. Für example, 100, 200, 500 and even 1,000 Euros were donated. A huge donation amounting to 100,000 US dollars from a famous pop rock band could be counted in.

“We would like to wholeheartedly thank all donors”, says Sabine Hartwig, chair woman of Landesverband Berlin and member of board of WEISSER RING. “The high willingness to donate and the great sympathy are tremendous signs of solidarity with those who suffer in the aftermath of the attack.”

Donations were made from all over of the world. A donor from Hong Kong made a bank transfer. The pop rock giants OneRepublic from US-state of Colorado contributed 100,000 US dollars from their “OneRepublic Good Life Foundation”. The musicians tweeted that they feel very sad about the horrific attack in Berlin. The evening before, they themselves had visited the Christmas market beside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.

WEISSER RING’s support has already started. The organization helps Berlin attack victims, their families and traumatized eye witnesses. Callers to the nationwide toll-free
WEISSER RING helpline also discussed the attack. The helpline 116 006 is available daily 7 - 22 h seven days a week. “Persons who fall victim to a violent crime or persons who lose a loved one through such a crime often suffer not only from physical but also mental pain for many years to come”, says Hartwig. The consequences of such an offence are often noticeable beyond the circle of those directly affected. It is important for victims and witnesses to get psycho-traumatological help immediately after the crime happened. Such a quick intervention will help to reduce negative long-term effects. „It is also necessary to keep in mind the medium- and long-term consequences of traumatization – inter alia re-living the traumatic event, anxiety states and sleeping disorders”, stresses Hartwig.

WEISSER RING’s professionally trained volunteers provide advice and support to crime victims, their families and friends. They can help victims to obtain financial aid and can assist in dealing with local authorities. By transferring your donation to the following WEISSER RING donation account you can continue to support the Berlin attack victims: purpose of use “Help for Berlin / Hilfe für Berlin”

IBAN: DE26 5507 0040 0034 3434 00


If you were a victim of the attack you can call 030 833 7060 or contact the Berlin local office via e-mail (lbberlin@weisser-ring.de). Our volunteers in Berlin can also be reached via http://berlin.weisser-ring.de.