Biwer: „We feel with the victims, their families and friends“

WEISSER RING provides extensive support in Berlin.

Bianca Biwer, Federal executive director of WEISSER RING, Germany’s largest support organization for victims of crime, says in the face of the tragedy: “We feel with the victims, their families and friends in these difficult times. We stand in support of them. We will do everything possible to help them with our support services. Falling victim to an act of violence or loosing a close friend or a loved one is a dramatic experience. Persons affected often suffer not only from physical but also mental pain for many years afterward. The consequences of such an offence are often noticeable beyond the circle of those directly affected. It is important for victims to get help from in trauma-therapy experienced psychologists immediately after the deed. Such a quick intervention will help to reduce negative long-term effects. It is also necessary to keep in mind the medium- and long-term consequences of traumatization – inter alia re-living the traumatic event, anxiety states and sleeping disorders. A person’s social environment can be of help here. It is often helpful to open up to friends and family members and to speak about experiences.”

The professionally trained volunteers of our organization’s Berlin local branch offer support and help. If you were a victim of the attack you can call 030 833 7060 (+49 30 833 7060 from abroad) or contact the support workers via e-mail (lbberlin@weisser-ring.de). Our volunteers in Berlin can also be reached via http://berlin.weisser-ring.de. Furthermore, the nationwide helpline 116 006 (+49 116 006 from abroad) is available daily 7 - 22 h seven days a week. “The people who experienced these dreadful attacks do not stand alone”, says Biwer.

To help the victims of Berlin WEISSER RING has set up a donations account: purpose of use “ Help for Berlin / Hilfe für Berlin ”

If you were a victim of the attack you can get more information on where to find help, support and information here. The document was developed to support victims in getting the first necessary information.

German government helplines: for people with enquiries about missing people: 030 54023 111 (+49 30 54023 111 from abroad)

Local number for information & queries: 030-54023111; for emergencies: 030-46644664 (+49 30 46644664 from abroad)